Custom Pet Portrait

$50.00 - $90.00
Custom Pet Portrait

I'll draw your critter!

Once you place your order I'll email you a form to fill out about yer critter (and so you can add photos and stuff there)

It'll be super brief I promise

This email will be sent to the one on your order

Once the cute little critters identity has been received by yours truly I will hand draw an interpretation in Procreate on my iPad.

It'll be at 12"x12" - vinyl record cover size - unless you would like otherwise.

I'll send you the hi-res original from Procreate (like a jpeg, PDF, that stuff) and you can do with it as you will - it's yours! All yours! Put it on a shirt and sell ten million of them - it's all you!

If you choose the option with the print - the print will be made/shipped after you receive the digital one.

Please only one critter per request